Sunday, November 11, 2018

My Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

 I had never played the Dynasty Warriors games but I do remember playing Hyrule Warriors on WiiU. Now to be honest, I didn't really like the Hyrule Warriors game even though I was a big fan of the Zelda games. I did see Koei Tecmo and Nintendo once again work together (though it was mostly developed by Koei Tecmo) to bring another Nintendo series to merge with the Dynasty Warriors formula.
 Lianna and Rowan are the new original characters to the game. All of the other Fire Emblem warriors are from the previous games in the series. Some of which makes no sense to the timeline as Lucina is here and so is her distant ancestor Marth. You have to choose between Lianna and Rowan on who you want to be the main character. I chose Lianna, but Rowan doesn't disappear from the story. 
 The game obviously plays a lot like Hyrule Warriors, but I will say, it does feel a good bit different. The Zelda items are gone (duh) and Fire Emblem elements (like being able to direct characters on a battle map) take their place. 
I found it more than the mindless hack and slash that Hyrule Warrior was. I'm not quite far into the game so only time will be the true judge. 

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