Thursday, November 22, 2018

Photo: Sleeping Ferrets

While I would not like one as a pet, I saw these two cuddling each other in Petco. Talk about cute!


  1. I agree Adam - they would not be on my radar as pets.

    I reckon Turnip Top and his dysfunctional family might
    have these as pets - after all Turnip Top puts the criminal
    exploits of the Princes of the House of Saud above the law
    for the sake of US sales of military hardware and oil prices.
    Yes a ferret or two would be a nice Thanksgiving present
    for the looneys of 1600 Penn. Avenue.

  2. I think they are cute but my friends son had them as pets and never liked them,, they are not my choice for a pet at all,, but beautiful creatures,

  3. not as common for pets I am thinking.

  4. Adorable!!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!!!!

  5. Ferrets are adorable! My daughter had three before she went off to university. They are a bit of work but absolutely lovable.

  6. Bless them. My grandfather had two ferrets to go into the rabbit burrows to fetch them out - that was long ago.

  7. The paleontologist who ran the fossil lab at my museum had ferrets for pets. He thought they were great. Not for me though.

  8. My niece had like 8 of them for pets. I wasn't fond of them myself though, but they are cute.