Saturday, November 17, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018 Film) Review

 While I liked the character Han Solo since I started to watch the Star Wars movies (which for me, happened in the 1990's, since I was born in 1988), I never liked him enough for me to petition for a stand-alone movie of him nor really want one in my head either. Disney really seemed like they didn't want their use of Star Wars not to go to waste. Did this one backfire on them or did Solo earn its place among the legendary films? 
Obviously the film starts with a young Han Solo who is barely old enough to be a "man". He is in love with a beautiful lady named Qi'ra and she loves him too. However they are both in the lower class of some miserable planet. After some trouble, they get separated at the gate of freedom and Han vows to come back for her. He enlists in the Imperial military and his life is saved by Tobias Beckett whom thinks is an officer with a lot of skills. 
 Turns out that Tobias is a highly skilled thief and was impersonating a dead officer to complete a job. There is a fuel called coaxium which is so precious that even a little of it can make a person somewhat wealthy. Beckett is after a huge supply of it that belongs to the Galatic Empire. Such a mission would be impossible without a good crew and a master pilot. 
 Han manages to take a place among the crew and Han meets Qi'ra again. She's working for a crimelord named Dryden Vos and she isn't exactly willing to become Han's girlfriend again. But she does care enough to help him. However Dryden Vos is not a forgiving man, if Han and the crew are successful in their mission to take the coaxium then their lives will be easy for the rest of their lives. If they fail, well not even a Jedi would be able to save them.  
Overall I liked Solo: A Star Wars Story, but not as much as the main films. I had a mutual feeling with Rogue One and I thought Star Wars fans thought that movie was better than it actually was. Han Solo's movie wasn't that overhyped and it actually tanked (against a massive budget) at the box office. Disney should have known better than they were over-milking Star Wars and to have it up against (ironically another Disney project) Avengers: Infinity War was an even dumber move on their part. 

Score: B  

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Emmylou said...

I really do feel bad for this movie tanking but man...why?!?! I also didn't think his character warranted a stand-alone movie, let alone a trilogy.