Friday, November 9, 2018

Super Troopers 2 (2018 Film) Review

 In 2001, Super Troopers came out and while it didn't do much in its original year, it gained a huge cult following years later. No sequel emerged for the longest time, except if you count maybe Beer Fest which was done by the same guys with a lot of the same spirit but different characters and setting. But this year we finally got the sequel that fans had been waiting almost two decades to see the light of day.
 The movie takes place several years after the events of the first film. The Vermont police officers and their wacky antics got them fired when they accidentally had the famous actor Fred Savage die during a television stunt. They are reunited and put back into their old jobs by their old commander Captain John O'Hagen and Vermont's Governor Jessman.   
They are tasked with the transition of a small Canadian town which in a border dispute is set to be soil of the United State of America, in the State of Vermont. The Vermont State Troopers soon learn that Canadians aren't as nice as they heard. They do seem to like the town mayor (and former hockey player) Guy Le Franc and the beautiful French-Canadian Genevieve Aubois. 
 While Officer Farva loves that Canada serves "liters of cola" in their restaurants, their certainly is a huge culture difference between them and their Quebec counterparts. The Canadians don't welcome the rest of them very well, which includes the soon to be transferred Mounties. But you never quite know what kind of trouble these guys are going to get themselves into.  
Overall I liked Super Troopers 2, but it certainly disappoints. While the first film (like most comedies) flopped with critics, they were even less kind to the 2nd film. Though it seems like regular folks and fans of the original film weren't as impressed with it as they were with the first Super Troopers. It has its moments, but it's just not as funny and the deja vu rehashing hurts it more than it helps. 

Score: B- 

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