Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Things I Hate: Yellow Devil MK-III (Mega Man 11)

 While we haven't seen a Yellow Devil since Mega Man 3 (The MK-II version) I wasn't too shocked to see one of the most terrible Mega Man bosses appear in the newest game in an upgraded form.
 His incarnation looks far more like his original one this time. He moves about the same, except much faster.  
But this time he can turn himself into his own little mini-selves. But his separating form is far tougher than these runts.  
It was by far the biggest challenge of the game. I didn't use any E-Tanks (tried to save those for Dr. Wily) but even with his weakness (chain blast) he's hard to vanquish. I just didn't enjoy the battle because it wasn't very fun. 

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