Friday, November 16, 2018

Things I Like: Dr. Wily (Mega Man 11)

 Ironically I always thought Dr. Wily battles were usually the most lackluster parts of the Mega Man games. I wouldn't dare say this one was my favorite boss battle of the game, though I did like it.
 It's a two part battle. His missiles are pretty easy to dodge. 
I didn't quite realize I could jump on them until later in the battle. After knowing that, I easily took down his first form.  
His second form isn't much worse or better. Mega Man somehow knows how to walk in thin air.  
 His weakness in this form is the acid barrier. 
 Though I reverted back to regular mega buster form to finish him off. 
And Mega Man lets him go, again. You had one job Mega Man!

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