Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Things I Like: Wil Ohmsford (Shannara Chronicles)

 Wil Ohmsford is the main character of the series. The son of a great warrior of elvish/human bloodline, he will be brought into bigger battles than even his father.
 He first seems like he's a normal person. Until his mother dies and he is given the Elfstones. His Uncle Flick admits that he knew magic was real. But didn't say a thing because of what it caused his father to do later in life. 
 Allanon meets Wil and tells him about the danger of the Dagda Mor and Wil doesn't believe him at first. 
 Wil is often too distracted by pretty rover girls like Eretria. 
And gorgeous Elf princesses like Amberle.  
The author of the books based his story on Lord of the Rings. Wil's elfstones reminded me so much of the One Ring and Frodo. While they should make him super-strong, he usually fails most of the time and gets saved by someone else. Like Wil against the Dagda Mor.   
In the second season, Wil is easily defeated by Bandon.  
 Wil gets new strength after meeting his father in the past via time travel. Wil seems to have never had a good relationship with his father, so this seemed to bring some peace to him. 
 He also had issues of Amberle "dying" and becoming a "tree". He is able to repair the Sword of Shannara which had broken by letting Amberle's memory go. 
 And he uses the sword to defeat the Warlock Lord without Allanon around to save the day. He seems to have been mortally wound in the fight and perished with many others. 
But at the last moment at the end of the series, we see that he was still alive. Paramount didn't care about keeping the show going, so fans are left to wonder how and why he got there and how would he get out. The show writers got pretty "creative" and didn't follow the books literally, so it's anyone's guess really. 

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