Sunday, December 23, 2018

Bad Moms (2016 Film) Review

 I'm not quite sure when I first heard of Bad Moms. I wasn't quite compelled to watch it until the other day. I was browsing the Blu-Rays at the library and it caught my eye. I've been a fan of Mila Kunis since That 70's Show, and I also really like Kristen Bell. I also like dark edgy humor, which this film kind of promises. 
 Mila Kunis is the star of the movie, a "normal" mom named Amy Mitchell. She has two children in middle school who love her, but rarely show her the proper respect. She works on the corporate level of a coffee company with a bunch of clueless young people. Her husband isn't perfect either, he's a low-intelligence man-child with very little good qualities. 
Most moms don't have to worry much about life at school, but not Amy. The PTA's president Gwendolyn James is not only tough and commanding, but she tolerates very little. The school's de facto dictator soon starts to hate Amy with a passion, and while she can't do much to her in the real world, she can make her children suffer at school.  
 Amy soon reaches a breaking point and lashes out on "the world" as a whole. This ends up getting her the friendship of Kiki, a housewife that is treated badly by her husband and she looks up to Amy for standing up to Gwendolyn. Amy also meets Carla Dunkler, a mom who really is a "bad mom" which kind of inspires Amy to stop caring. But can a bad mom be a good mom? 
Overall I liked Bad Moms but I didn't love it. I do think it would appeal to a lot of women who can take a joke, and who are mothers who know the stress and whatnot of all these story-lines. I will say Christina Applegate played a villain I just loathed and loathed, and that deserves some praise. It almost made me forget that she once played a clueless pretty girl named Kelly Bundy on Married with Children.  

Score: B-

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I loved this movie. Laughed the whole way through. The Christmas one was pretty good too, but not as great as the first.