Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Fact of the Day: Pork

The English word pork is derived from the Old French word porc. The Old French word came from the Latin porcus which meant "pig". 


  1. Never thought about that but interesting to know.

  2. I think it would be kinda cool to say "porcus meat" when I order at our local meat store...hehe

  3. Interesting, we got a lot of words from the French.

  4. A good portion of my friends won't touch any type of pork at all. Hugs..RO

  5. Porcus and cheese on rye.
    Kinda like the sound of that.
    NERD ALERT: wasn't one of the...ahem...zoftig X-Wing fighter pilots in Star Wars called "Porcus"?

  6. Have a great family Christmas Adam - I doubt if I'll have any time over Christmas to be viewing the 6 blogs I follow.

    We – the family are off to Noumea, New Caledonia tomorrow with Aircalin, the Airline of French New Caledonia. Only a 2 hour 50 minutes flight……so will be tropical palms, azure blue seas and lagoons and French bagels and other delights of the French Cuisine repertoire. – God help the Kanuks of Noumea – 45 of us!
    Myself, my two widowed sisters and their kids and grand kids, and my brother, his wife, two sons and wives and 3 very young ones.
    The eldest grand nephew is 15 years and the youngest member is 4 months old.
    The French cook pork par excellence and with a touch of the Native, Kanuk touch, oh la la!
    Back on the 28th December. Hopefully without kids carrying injuries from coconut tree climbing attempts etc.- ha ha.