Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Fact of the Day: Presidential Medal of Freedom

While most of the Presidential Medal of Freedom awards (the highest U.S. civilian award) goes to famous people who did not serve in the military, if a serving member of the military gets the award, they also get to wear it on their uniform.  


  1. So very beautiful and prestigious. Hugs...RO

  2. That's an interesting bit of information that I didn't know.

  3. That should get people to stand at attention.

  4. It's a wonder trump didn't decide on awarding it to Pete Rose rather than Babe Ruth, or Kid Rock to Elvis Presley.

  5. An honour to be admired and respected.

    One person for sure who will NEVER get this award is TURNIP TOP!!!

    I noted the frigidity at the memorial service for President G W Bush of the former presidents and their wives when Turnip Top and his 'tart" took their seats.
    Also the clown saluting at the coffin in the Capital Rotunda. What an insult.........a draft dodger having the audacity to salute one of the last highly decorated servicemen on WW2.
    I wonder does he salute himself in front of the mirror in his bathroom???????????

    I reckon G W Bush had one last shudder when Turnip Top turned up.