Thursday, February 7, 2019

Fact of the Day: Beware the Nile Crocodile

While able to swim and live in seawater, Nile crocodiles do prefer areas with freshwater. Because of this (despite not being more aggressive than most other crocodiles), they are responbile for a large majority of human deaths by crocodiles as they commonly live in water that humans interact with.  


  1. There's one fellow I don't ever want to to meet

  2. I think I'll stay out of all water where they reside

  3. As much as I crawled around in the bayou (or, in what is essentially called a creek everywhere else in the world) during my youth, I never stumbled upon one of the alligators they say inhabit the area where I live.

    This is probably fortunate, but still, I hear crocodiles are much more ill-tempered.

  4. Crocodiles are dangerous. Every year people who CAN"T or DON"T take notice
    of signs are croc. meals. Serves them right.
    They cull them yearly in northern Australia........they breed like guinea pigs it would seem. Of course the "greenies" scream blue murder of the culling, but then again they don't venture out of cities and their 'pie in the sky high rise apartments' - oh such knowledgeable creatures of the bush and outback!