Friday, February 15, 2019

Photo: People and Places Spartanburg Light Bulb Art

This lightbulb art is called People and Places by Beth Regula. Since this is a city art project, she apparently based this one on Spartanburg county. While hard to see in the photo, the art has people in the "heavens", mountains, workers (I hope) in a field, and people on bicycles. While I am a little clueless on the symbolism here, it's probably the most artistic of all the ones I've seen so far once you look at the details. 


  1. I've been watching the lightbulbs you post, and this one I like! I especially like the depth.

  2. Would love to walk around it and examine the details.

  3. Spartanburg seems to have a bulb problem!
    Maybe the large flooded area of northern Queensland
    can send you 500,000 head of drowned cattle to
    do something with????

  4. I always get a kick out of city art, and this lightbulb was fun, Adam!