Monday, April 15, 2019

Fact of the Day: JFK Vs Nixon Strategy

In 1960, John F. Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard Nixon in the presidential election. Nixon campaigned in all fifty states (to the best extent), while JFK focused on battleground states. 


  1. JFK had the better strategy. Now that's commonplace.

  2. Interesting. In a way if he hadn't won maybe he wouldn't have been assassinated you know.

  3. They say one of the reasons Kennedy won was that Nixon looked disheveled and unshaven

  4. Oh how I wish Hillary had the same results! :(

  5. Nixon was an intelligent and talented man. On the night of the debate, Nixon was recovering from the flu. He just didn't catch the public desire for charisma.

  6. Good job, JFK:)
    And I'm with Emmylou. I watched an interview with Hillary on CNN yesterday. If you have an opportunity to see it, I highly recommend it. It reminded me why I voted for her. All I could think was, we could have had her for our president.

  7. Nixon was a psychopathic liar and also it seems a wife basher!

    However he did send to Australia one of the best Ambassadors we have ever had from the USA - Marshall Green who was a State Department Diplomat and not a party hack as we seem to now eventually have - AFTER 2 years and 3 months of the Trump presidency of Tom Foolery!

    Actually the Chargee D'Affaires was doing an excellent job, he was State Department.
    My parents on a visit to Washington, DC were taken by Ambassador Green on a tour personally of the State Department, the Congress, the Senate buildings and the Pentagon!
    Ambassador Green rose in the State Department to the role of Secretary of State for Asian Affairs!
    I was involved with Marshall when he was in Canberra by inviting him to address our country Rotary Club, to the surprise of all he came with his military attaches. It was the biggest event that ever hit this small Australian country town and region. For me it was a nightmare jigsaw puzzle as everyone from all around wanted to be at the dinner. I had to decided like Solomon who came and who didn't!
    I also was invited to visit the Ambassador in Virginia/Maryland - not sure which state he lived in.
    So I do owe "Tricky Dicky" a big thank you for this.

  8. Things would have been different if the results had been different.

  9. Gee looking back Nixon sure seem liberal when compare to Trump.
    Coffee is on

  10. Very interesting. I see that they've had a special on CNN called Tricky Dick which I've been meaning to watch. Hugs and Happy Monday! RO

  11. This is the first presidential election I remember, and the adults I heard discussing it thought Nixon would win.