Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Fact of the Day: Friendless

While it varies by culture, country, and place in time; generally about 15% of schoolchildren suffer chronically from having little to zero friends at school.  


Fundy Blue said...

They do suffer chronically, Adam. Schools need to recognize and do more about the emotional needs of their students at all ages. We, today, have had, yet again, another school shooting in Colorado with one death and others critically injured not that far from me in Highlands Ranch. I know I'm conflating two issues, but at least one of the suspects was a student. I don't anything yet, but I'll bet there were warning signs, that they felt alienated, and that they had too easy access to guns. How many bodies have to pile up before this country does something about guns? About access to mental health treatment? About funding for school psychologists and social workers? Speaking as a retired elementary teacher who spent too much time trying to answer the questions of frightened children in lockdown too many times.

Margaret D said...

Had no idea it was chronic and no friends at all - rather day really.

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah, sadly see it a lot.

Christine said...

that is sad, had no idea

Mary Kirkland said...

That's sad.

Huggybear said...

Well said, my Sangria mate.
The reason that you have this gun law has well passed the "use by date" The former colonial powers of the USA before you won your independence wouldn't want the USA back now for even one lousy cent!
The law is archaic.

Anyhow the noose seems to be getting closer to Turnip Top's neck.
The present "yes-man" Attorney General seems to be going from one blunder of hiding stuff to the next. He is nothing but a laughing clot and as for the excuses of that "press secretary" - Ms. Sanders.
Then we have the presentation of The US Medal of Freedom by one wife cheater and a golfer who cheats to another wife cheater, Tiger Woods. Belittling such an esteemed honour it beneath contempt!
Cheers and I think I need a good Spanish Sangria!

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's sad. I wish we'd see more of those "friendship benches" that some elementary schools have on the playground. If a child sits on it, it means they need a friend and students reach out. We need more compassionate ideas like that.

Martha said...

Very sad.

Fundy Blue said...

A good Spanish Sangria would be welcome right now. Tough day in Colorado. The student who died rushed the shooter to save his classmates and did. Two separate school shootings in a week here in the US. Each one with a student rushing the shooter to save his classmates. I just saw an interview with a sixth grade boy who was hiding in a closet with the shooter out in the hall. The boy was holding a bat and said he would go down fighting. These are children.

I so agree with everything you said about Turnip Top, Barr, and Sanders. I am currently reading the Mueller Report. It's a slog, but I am going to read every word that is not redacted. Every American should read it!

It's going to be a very active run up to the election for me ~ a lot of volunteering for me.

Have a good one!

Fundy Blue said...

What an awesome idea, Theresa! I'm going to pass it on to my teaching friends! They may know of the idea, but then maybe not!