Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Fact of the Day: Myers v United States

In the 1920's, a postmaster in Oregon was removed from office by President Woodrow Wilson. The case went up the Supreme Court where they ruled that the President can remove an appointed official from federal office for virtually any reason. One of the few exceptions is Vice President, where they have to be impeached and removed by Congress. 


  1. Rules and regulations, must at time takes sorting out.

  2. Impeach the cheeto first before the VP...although it would be great if you guys can impeach both, eh? :P

  3. Us voters can still remove a president.

  4. Get rid of the two clowns - Trump and the little Goebbels "Pense-Trump"
    and that female mouthpiece Sarah Hucklebee-Sanders and we may have sense prevailing within the walls of that White House - presently the lunatic asylum of Washington, DC.