Friday, May 10, 2019

Photo: Spring Fling Games

 My Little Brother and my niece Little K liked the games various tents had. Nothing really fancy.
 Both of them missed the buckets. Harder than it looks I suppose. 
 But most had the spin the wheel kind of stuff. 
BMW (all American-built BMWs come from the Spartanburg-Greer plant) had a neat wheel that was spun by a robotic button. Most of the prizes were lame. Mr. B, for example, won a high five. 


  1. Carnival prizes aren't very good at all, sad really but still the whole experience is fun

  2. Man....those bucket things are hard!!!! And LOL on the high five. Better than nothing I guess:D

  3. Did not know all American BMWs were built in a Spartanburg plant. Good to know there there are some cars still made in the USA.

  4. … perhaps it's the fun that counts!

    All the best Jan