Monday, May 13, 2019

Photos: Daisy Meets the White Husky

 I spotted this white husky walking through the crowd at the Spring Fling. I told Daisy to hurry and get the owner to stop.
Daisy loves huskies, and this would be her first pure white husky she's ever met. Isn't he cute?
Now this kind of husky is the only kind we can keep at our house at the moment.


  1. He is a beauty. Yours is cute too:)

  2. Aww, well the stuffed one is cute too, beautiful dogs for sure,

  3. That's adorable. We had a neighbor with a couple of huskies, he was trying to train them to pull a sled.

  4. Was it a husky? Looks a lot like an American Eskimo dog that I had as a kid.

  5. He is a cutie but so is yours :)

    All the best Jan