Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ferdinand (2017 Film) Review

 While Pixar is King, Dreamworks is a close rival, but Blue Sky Studios has struggled to stay relevant in 3D animated films. They've mainly had to rely on Ice Age films which I haven't care about since the early 2000's. Every now and then, they'll do something original, which is usually based on a animal as the main focus. This one is about a bull. 

 The story's main character is Ferdinand, who at the start of the plot is a baby bull. All the other bovine kids make fun of him for being soft. They're a bit shocked when his dad gets picked to fight in Madrid, Spain. But when his dad is presumed dead after the fight, Ferdinand panics and ends up fleeing from the ranch. 
 He ends up on a farm full of flowers, one of his favorite things in the world. He bonds really well to the little girl of the farm, Nina. He even noticed that the family dog, despite being a rival, really does see him as a "brother." However all things are good, when Ferdinand is cute and small, but he has the genes to be as strong and large as his papa. 
 And when he does, he stupidly goes into a festival and causes havoc. The local police capture him and despite Nina's protests, they send him to live on a ranch. The same ranch, where he grew up as a kid. That's when Ferdinand realizes that bulls only have two uses to most humans, bull fighting events and meat. Despite being the largest and strongest bull there, he'll need all the help he can get to save himself, and save the other bulls. The only ally he has is a annoying goat named Lupe. 
Overall Ferdinand isn't a perfect film, it's rather stale compared to something Pixar would typically make. It's a unique concept, as Spanish matadors and bull fighting rarely enters American fiction, but it's nothing special. But it's a good little movie, most kids will love it far more than their parents, that's for sure. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Film, but it ultimately lost to Pixar's Coco for the year of 2017. 

Score: B-

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  1. I remember the trailer for this one and thinking I wouldn't mind watching it. Forgot all about it until now.