Sunday, June 30, 2019

Photo: WonderWorks' Titanic Water Challenge

This one is a simple idea, and it is a great way to understand what it was like for people on the Titanic. WonderWorks challenges people to hold their hand underwater for as long as they can. It's believed it was 28F (-2.2C) when the Titanic sunk, which doesn't sound so bad. But as soon as I put my hand in water, it was way too cold for me. Now imagine if you were stuck involuntarily in the water from your shoulders to the feet. That's how most perished on the Titanic. It's purely awful and tragic. 


  1. My youngest grandson has been fascinated by the Titanic for the past two years. He knows who the captain was and names of some of the well-know passengers. He is 6! I will have to have him try this experiment!

  2. There a lot to learn about society from Titanic.
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  3. Burrh! A fisherman in my outport of Westport on White Bay, Newfoundland told me a) He could not swim, and b) He wore high rubber boots, so if he fell overboard, he'd be pulled down and drown quickly rather than struggle to survive in the very cold water.