Friday, June 14, 2019

Photos: Dollywood's Grandstand Cafe

 Like most amusement parks, Dollywood has many tiny restaurants all over its park. This is what my wife chose on day one.
She got a hot dog with some fries. They didn't have tables inside, so we sat outside while we waited for her to eat. Then she saw a wasp and moved again. I think she liked her food, but Daisy isn't tough to please. But everything Dollywood cooks seems to be good, so if you like hot dogs and fries, I would say go for it. 


  1. I wonder if the food is a lot more expensive than normal, inside this park. It usually is the case.

    1. It is, nothing super-crazy, but certainly more than I would wish.

  2. Food looks delish and the cafe looks interesting!

  3. People get hungry walking around!

  4. Nothing worse than dealing with pesky wasps when you're trying to eat!