Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Things I Like: Henry Jones Sr. (Indiana Jones)

 One of the my favorite characters in the movie franchise, Henry Jones Sr. is Indiana Joness father, as we see him in the Last Crusade, the last of the original three films. Like his son, Henry had a habit for studying old artifacts from history. But he ends up in some tricky trouble with the Germans during World War II.
 And for a time, both him and his son become their prisoners. Their downfall, is accidentally falling for the same woman. First the father, and later the son when he goes looking for his pa. Boy that must be awkward. 
 I don't remember all the details per se, but they didn't seem to have the strongest relationship. Despite their common interests, it did seem there was a bit of coldness there. 
 I do think it was rather funny how he was more of the goofy one. That bird umbrella trick to the German plane was genius. 
 But Indiana really does show that he loves his father when he's shot to force Indy's hand to venture into finding the Holy Grail. 
And luckily Henry Sr. is saved by the grail's holy water.  
And at the very end, they reveal that Indiana was merely a nickname, as he's Henry Jones Jr. legally. Indiana was once the family dog, lol. 


Kirk said...

I know Steven Spielberg was a fan of the 1960s James Bond movies and saw the Indian Jones films as being somewhat similar, so the casting of Connery may have been a tribute of sorts.

Susan Kane said...

I always hoped that there could be a sequel for San Connery somehow. Not much, just a few cameos.

Kay said...

I always liked Sean Connery in that movie too. I thought their relationship was fun.