Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Things I Like: Zoe Barnes (House of Cards)

Zoe Barnes was one of my favorites on the show. She's a journalist working for a dying newspaper. She's very desperate to make a name for herself and land a better job. 
And this is when she makes a deal with Frank Underwood to plot together to better themselves. They even have an affair, though Frank does this mostly for power over her. I didn't really think their personal life was that interesting outside of the politics and power.  
 She does quite well to become well known in journalism. For better or for worse.
 But she eventually ends her personal relationship with Frank Underwood but keeps the one where they use their own knowledge and position to climb up the ladder. 
 Though she becomes disturbed when she believes Frank was the one who killed Peter Russo. And she was right.  
She was stupid to give Frank a good chance to murder her. I knew her doom was more than likely, but I gasped at the train push. Just happens so fast and so brutal. Poor Zoe. 

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