Thursday, August 22, 2019

Things I Like: Freddy Hayes (House of Cards)

 Freddy Hayes was one of my favorite minor characters on the show.
 He starts out when Frank Underwood is just a congressman still. Frank had eaten at his tiny restaurant for years, Frank calling it his "secret spot" for great food with nobody around to annoy or bother him. 
 I'll have to take Frank's word on it about the food. The restaurant always looked like it needed a visit from the health inspector. 
When Frank is elevated to Vice President, his little restaurant gets a lot of fame. But it doesn't work well in the long run, and he eventually closes the place down.  
We see him as one of the ones benefited by Frank's America Works program. Though he never seemed to be too happy there in the kitchens.  
 Frank gives him a job at the White House when America Works collapses. I was surprised he didn't want to work in the White House kitchens, as a restaurant man typically would enjoy that kind of work. But he accepts a role at the White House to help give his grandson a better life. 
 But he works a groundskeeper as he wanted something to do outdoors. I was a bit shocked when he leaves the White House not too long after for something else. 
I thought both men were really stubborn and vain when they have their goodbyes/falling out but I do love the line Freddy drops when he leaves. Frank isn't just Mr. President, lol. 

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