Saturday, August 24, 2019

Things I Like: Villager (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

 While I was happy to see Animal Crossing's Villager make it into Smash 4, Villager wasn't my favorite in the last game. And that holds true for Ultimate, but I do like the fighter.
 There's no violence in the Animal Crossing games, but I will say, Nintendo did pretty well coming up with moves for Villager to use in this universe. 
 Villager also is pretty skilled in close-quarters fist attacks. Good thing they wear boxing gloves.  
Their Final Smash, Dream Home is okay. Tom Nook and his sons capture an unlucky player and they are soon sent to their doom. It's got its power, but it's easy to miss with it.   
When Kirby takes Villager's power, he can snatch up any item or projectile attack. Not only is it good for holding items, but being able to pocket a powerful blast of energy and send it back on command is a great tool to have.  
Villager could use some work, but they are a decent warrior in the series. I wasn't what I would call great with them, but I did like using them. I have met a few players online that were pretty darn good with villager. Beware the drop of the bowling ball. 

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