Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fact of the Day: Ancient Racing

Racing as a sport has been around for about as long as human history. Obvious art of it has been found on Greek pottery and chariot racing was described in Homer's Iliad. 


Kay said...

We were at the Circus Maximus in Rome a long, long time ago with our kids. They had a hard time imagining chariots going around and around. Granted, I don't think they ever saw Ben Hur.

Pat Hatt said...

Sure one thing that stuck

Huggybear said...

The thrill of the race - some movies like "Ben Hur" and to a lessor extent "The Gladiator" depict the thrills, chills, pageantry and damn-right bloodiness of it with obviously amazing photography.
I am damn sure I'd preferred to be on one horse racing rather than handling 4 steamed up chargers!

PS: I noted today that the DVD of the movie "Downtown Abbey" will be released here in Australia for Christmas. That's my present to myself!