Monday, September 23, 2019

Photos: Fixing Damaged Drywall Above TV in Bedroom

 We had a mirror on our dresser that was heavy and rested against the wall. As soon as I took it down for the last time, it took some drywall off with it... Which was... annoying. 
 It's a simple fix. I used Dap's Fast N Final lightweight spackling. It's pretty neat stuff, you don't even have to sand the spackle down. 
 I remembered the color, Bayberry Blue (790) by Benjamin Moore so that wasn't an issue. The walls were painted in semi-gloss, but the little sample jar of paint I used for this touch-up was in satin. It's just a tiny little spot so I doubt I could tell. 
If you really look at it, you can tell, but otherwise, it's fine. 


Christine said...

good for you.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good job doing your own handy work!

Fundy Blue said...

Well done, Adam! I may have to pick your brain when I tackle a few things like this!