Friday, September 20, 2019

Things I Like: Krillin (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

Krillin is often the end of most jokes in the Dragon Ball Z fandom, but I've always liked our bald-headed hero. Counting humans (while debated with Tien) Krillin is actually the strongest Earthling, though Saiyan and Namekian DNA makes us forget about that little fact. 
Not to help his image, but Goku finds him early on the story mode about to be killed by his own clone.  
And he falls for the trick that Android 21 is actually his wife Android 18's friend.  
 It was strange to see Krillin have to join forces with Frieza and Cell, for obvious reasons. 
 But in all three versions of the story, Krillin is a pretty major character in most of them. Not bad huh? 
He's not too good of a character to fight as. His ki moves are kind of fancy, but not very practical. I didn't do too well with him online, and I never used him much in the story mode once I got the better fighters. 

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