Sunday, April 19, 2020

Fact of the Day: Bird Flu

Avian influenza (Bird Flu) has been known by mankind since 1878, then known as fowl plague. 

Fact of the Day: Safe Penguins

Penguins in Antarctica typically don't have any legitimate threats to themselves on the land. It's generally when they start swimming in the water where other creatures will put them on the menu for lunch.  

Fact of the Day: Duke Dad

Duke University was renamed (then known as Trinity College) by James Buchanan Duke who named the university not technically after himself but after his father Washington Duke who helped the school greatly in its very early days. 

Things I Like: Princess Jasmine (Once Upon a Time)

 While she was a decent character on the show, she could have had a better story. But I did like her overall. Her role was pretty much the same as the Disney movie Aladdin until both of them land in Storybrooke, Maine. 
 Though she and Aladdin don't know where each other are. So she spends some time looking for him. 
After a lot of battles and drama later, she uses Aladdin's new genie role to send her and him back home. 

Things I Like: Dino Piranha (Super Mario Galaxy)

 Dino Piranha is the first boss of Super Mario Galaxy. We first see Mario crash into his egg. 
 And he wakes up quite the monster. 
 So you have a fun battle on this tiny planet, it reminded me of the raven one from Yoshi's Island a little. 
You get your star and progress further. 

Things I Like: Princess Peach (Super Mario Sunshine)

 A memorable role for Princess Peach for me here. The game starts out with Mario and her going on a vacation. 
 Once the plane lands, she knows something is wrong before Mario. 
 And still ends up being kidnapped by Bowser Jr...oh brother. 
And she is saved after Bowser Jr. and his father are defeated by Mario.

Things I Like: King Kaliente (Super Mario Galaxy)

 The 2nd boss of Super Mario Galaxy is a good one. Like an octopus in a pool of lava. 
 You have avoid the stuff he shoots at you and wait for the watermelon (seriously) to knock back at him. 
A fun boss, but not terribly difficult either. 

Things I Like: King Boo (Super Mario Sunshine)

 King Boo is one of the last bosses in Super Mario Sunshine. 
Which is a little amusing since he was the final boss of Luigi's Mansion. So him and Mario have already met once. 
 This one is on a big roulette-like wheel. You have wait for him to spit out some spicy peppers instead of enemies. 
 And then hit him with something like a pineapple. 
Probably one of the tougher battles in the game but I enjoyed it. 

Things I Hate: Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey (Once Upon a Time)

 I hated her for the most part during her time on the show. She kind of served as the Regina of the final season, which they wanted to be a "fresh start" and boy did that not work out in ABC's favor as the final season was the last of the "new" story. 
 We already saw a stepmother of another Cinderella, but she was a little different. They also combined her story with that of Rapunzel which I thought was a little dumb. 
After the final curse, she serves as a thorn in everyone's side. Being the de facto leader of this new sub-town in Washington state.  
But she dies taking her daughter's place to save Lucy due to some weird witch curse or something. I never saw that the fact she actually loved Lucy or that she'd do so much for anyone besides herself coming to be honest. 

Things I Like: Yoshi (Super Mario Sunshine)

 While Yoshi doesn't always get a big role in every Mario game, I do remember his role here very well. 
 I forgot Shadow Mario (Bowser Jr.) had captured his egg and you had to rescue the egg to get Yoshi on your team. 
 After that you can ride Yoshi just like Super Mario World but all in 3D. 
Which gave Mario the ability to complete some missions impossible for even his FLUDD. Instead of water, Yoshi can shoot out some strange stomach juice. No questions asked there. 

Things I Like: Aladdin (Once Upon a Time)

While I didn't think he was the greatest incarnation of the character, I did like him overall on Once Upon a Time.  
 His story is about the same as the Disney cartoon, but both him and Princess Jasmine end up getting caught up in the lives of those in Storybrooke, Maine. 
 In a twist for the show, he becomes a genie. And I think originally a genie-pawn of the Evil Queen who separated her persona from Regina Mills. 
But he eventually breaks free, and he returns home with his princess. 

Hunter the Husky Dog

While visiting a friend's apartment, I met the dog of the house, a husky named Hunter. He is so much energy, he really does need a big yard to be honest.  

Things I Like: Phantamanta (Super Mario Sunshine)

 Probably my least favorite of the main bosses in Super Mario Sunshine, but I still remember the battle well. This manta comes out of the ocean and is kind of scary in its own way. 
 You have to attack with with food while avoiding its electricity. 
Then it splits into mini-versions of itself which ironically makes things tougher.  
But the Shine was well-deserved because this boss battle is some tough labor. 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Things I Like: Mecha-Bowser (Super Mario Sunshine)

 This was a big favorite of mine during Super Mario Sunshine. This giant robot bowser is in the middle of a theme park.

What Class Would You Have Wanted To Take?

I recall back of all the classes I remember during my youth and at my trade school they had so many offerings I wish I had the time to have taken nearly all of them. I really wish I could have taken a carpentry class. I would have found that really helpful later in life. 

Fact of the Day: Opinion

The English word opinion comes from the Latin word opinari meaning "think" or "believe."

Friday, April 17, 2020

Your Cure For Hiccups?

I don't get them often, but I usually hold my breath to get them away. I know everyone has their own methods. 

Fact of the Day: Old Food Wagon

While food trucks are very popular today, its precursor were the chuckwagons of the 19th century. One of the first was a converted United States Army wagon after the Civil War to feed people far from home. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Things I Like: Petey Piranha (Super Mario Sunshine)

 One of my favorite bosses in the game is one of its earliest.

Saying Goodbye to My Old Gas Mower

 Now that pretty much all of my outdoor garden tools are electric, the time came to send my old gas mower away, along with a gas can. I didn't want to throw it away as it still worked, though she was far from pretty.

Fact of the Day: Earth Day

While many things led to the creation of Earth day, an oil spill in 1969 in Santa Barbara was the main reason it was created in 1970. 

Fact of the Day: End of Buddhism in India

While popular in most of Asia, Buddhism had lost its dominance in what is now modern-day India which is where Buddha spent much of his life. Buddhism had slowly declined over the centuries until a major breaking point in the 12th century. Unlike most falls or rises in a major religion, there wasn't a single direct cause for Buddhism's decline in India.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Things I Like: Proto-Piranha (Super Mario Sunshine)

 You actually face this piranha species twice I think. One is before you get the FLUDD device.

Little CR Eating Pizza

My youngest niece was eating pizza when I visited one day. She is not a very clean eater. 

Fact of the Day: Poverty Lobster

Lobsters were considered a poverty food before the mid-19th century when folks in New York and Boston started to crave it as a finer type of meal.